The Evolution of A.R.T. : A Mommy & ME Journey

Okay, now let me start off by saying FINALLY! For months I’ve wanted to start a blog about my experience being a new mom, but recovery and attending to my new bundle of joy came first. I am so happy to be apart of the mommy club and I welcome my new role as a mom with so much pride and joy. My beautiful baby girl name is Amiyah Ruby Thompson, better known as ART, and she has truly changed my life for the better. 

I will be touching on multiple things such as; my experience getting through my first 12 weeks, dealing with postpartum depression, recovering from a c-section, breastfeeding vs bottle feeding, the struggle of losing the baby weight, self-care and so much more.

Now I know there are plenty of mommy and me blogs and v-blogs out there, but I wanted to share my personal experience. I hope “The Evolution of A.R.T.: A Mommy & Me Journey” will be a great deal of help to new moms, such as myself, and for current moms who are starting over again.







3 thoughts on “The Evolution of A.R.T. : A Mommy & ME Journey

  1. Congratulations on your Evolution of A.R.T💜 Your blogs are def worth the read. You shoot Beautiful photos and display an impeccable resume. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you as you continue to spread your wings and fly… Evolve.


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