My First 12 Weeks

I can’t believe it, today I officially made it through my first 12 weeks (3 Months)! My beautiful ART is healthy, happy, and a little chunky chocolate chip.
So, let just dive right into it and let me break down how each month was for me and how I got through it.

May 9, 2018

May 9, 2018, was truly a big surprise for me. I was scheduled for a regular OB follow up to see if ART has turned. During the last month of my pregnancy she turned into a breech position, and for weeks I was trying different exercises and positions to turn her over naturally. I went to a website called Spinning Baby, a website that helps improve fetal position, but I wasn’t haven’t any success.
When I arrived for my appointment I was given an ultrasound and to check my blood pressure. My blood pressure ended up being high so they wanted me to do a urine sample. As I waited for my result my ultrasound showed ART still in a breech position. I was due in 3 weeks, so to be safe my OB wanted to schedule for a cesarean (also known as a c-section). I was disappointed because I wanted to have my baby vaginal and natural. My doctor informed me it was still possible for the baby to turn last minute, so that left me with a little hope.
My urine sample ened up coming back at this time and my result showed there was protein in my urine. As a new mom, who did a lot of research, I already knew what that meant. I had preeclampsia.
I was completely shocked for I was just at the doctor’s last week and I was totally fine. My doctor told me preeclampsia can happen anytime during your pregnancy, but it more common for symptoms to show after 29 weeks. At this point, she made it clear I had no other option but for me to have the baby today.

Yes that right today!

I pretty much tried every angle to talk my doctor out of me having to do this. She told me she couldn’t risk it. The only thing running through my head is I’m scared and I want my mom, but I knew this was impossible seeing that she lived in Boston and I lived in North Carolina. I was so shocked I had to call my child father to let him know today was the day. He himself was shocked and nervous as well.
On May 9, 2018, at 6:46pm my baby came into this world grabbing the doctors tools (lol). Her lungs were strong and she weighed 6lb 30zs and 18inch long.

Month 1 (4 weeks)

Getting through the first month was not easy. Two days after leaving the hospital I had to go to her first doctor appointment. That was a task on it own because I had to walk. We ended up being super late for the appointment due to the fact I was in so much pain (I don’t know why I didn’t get a wheelchair). In the next few weeks the pain got worst because I can admit I was doing WAY too much. Both my family and my partner’s family was in town to see the baby. I was going up and down the stairs, going to the shopping mall, cleaning the house, cooking and driving.
Please don’t ask me why I thought I could bounce back so soon. My mom and partner both were saying for me to rest and slow down. I just didn’t know how to. By the end of my first month, I started to listen to my body more and start really taking it easy. I wanted to make sure my recovery was done right and I didn’t want my incision to open. The last thing I wanted was to not be able to take care of my baby, so for me not slowing down was not an option.

Month 2 (6 Weeks)

Okay now that I’m falling into my 6 weeks postpartum I’m starting to feel like I’m ready to get back on track to workout. My incision was healed and my blood pressure was down, and I also had a slight feeding schedule with ART. I will say this month was the month that really tested me. I was now halfway through my first 12 weeks and I was getting nervous because I knew I would have to start working again. For the whole remaining 7 months of my pregnancy I was unemployed, and for the next 12 weeks after I’m still am. Although I’m anxious to start working again I really don’t want to leave my baby at 3 months. This was also the month Amiyah was getting her first set of shots and like any new mom, I was nervous for her. At the end of it, she did great and barely cried. Month 2 was also when I realized I was having some symptom of postpartum depression. I was missing my family and friends and I was even missing my hometown. Thankfully my family, friends, and my partner was there every step of the way; although my friends and family was not there physically, my everyday phone calls got me through it.

Month 3 (12 weeks)

This month my baby is officially 3 months old. I can not believe how much we both have grown. I will say the hardest part for me was battling through postpartum depression, figuring out how to lose the baby weight, increasing my milk supply, looking for work again, and overall self-care. I can truly say I didn’t have enough self-care in my first 8 weeks as I should. I would say for new mom PLEASE take care of yourself. I know the adjustment to mommy-hood is a challenge but be patient with yourself. Don’t focus on all the things I listed above just enjoy those precious moments with your baby. I know that easier said than done for some moms, but please do. Self-care is important, post-partum depression is real, make sure you have a strong support system, and to remember your doing great.
Amiyah 3 month 5a (1 of 1)

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